The coloring machine



Come and take a look at our coloring machine….. and choose among more than 1000 colors that we are offering.



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Eco Friendly

As part of our continuous efforts to protect our planet, Reca has been developing products combining high performance and respect for the environment….


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RECA paint, paint manufacturer and color designer

RECA paint is based out of Auterive, Haute Garonne, France. For more than 20 years and thank to our unique knowledge, professional quality and color and technical advice, Reca has closely met our customer’s expectancies and needs.

RECA paint, its network, its team

In addition to offering a wide variety of paints, our 14-store network lets you to stay in touch with the latest styles and most innovating decorative products.
And since colors play such an important role when decorating, our on-site advisers will always be there to help you with your choice.